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                                                    Rates & Services


Commercial Rates & Services Available

Easy sign up plans available, starting as low as $20 a month for weekly service. Contact us for more information, great discounts and practical incentives.

On call or bulk recurring recycles removal service. Basic rate 10 cents a gallon based on container size for pre-sorted materials, plus a service fee charged each time we come to pick up your recyclables: $10.00 and up, depending on volume of materials and location.  Minimum pick up is 50 gallons.

Please allow three business days for on call recycle pick up. This will allow us to coordinate your stop into our route schedule in your area.

Outside/curbside pick up, or ground floor central location.

We can also provide inside collection, sorting, and removal of materials for an extra charge.

Please bag all shredded paper separately, and flatten all cardboard.

We do not supply or service dumpsters. All materials must be sorted. No materials are compacted until separated and delivered to a materials recovery center.

Service extends to the greater Palmer Wasilla area only at this time. Billed monthly in arrears.

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 Residential Rates &   Services

Curbside recycle pick up services once a week, coordinated with your local garbage pick up day for your convenience. $20.00 a month. Service extends to the greater Palmer Wasilla area only at this time.

Durable 18.7 gallon curbside recycle container with raised lid provided. Small 55 cents a month rental fee to use container. Customer responsible for container. Replacement fee $35.00. 

Our service plan accommodates all recyclables generated from your household. If needed, you may place additional containers at the curbside as long as they are secured from blowing away. We will not charge for extra materials. Do not include materials from other places such as work, relatives, neighbors etc.

We also supply you with a concrete paver to place in your container as a precaution on windy days. The extra weight will keep your container from blowing away. Please use it. Also, please do not overfill container or the lid will not snap on tight and will be more likely to blow away.

Do not let any paper products get wet. Local markets and materials recovery centers will not accept wet paper or paper board, so we will not pick it up.

We sort all your commingled recyclables for you at the curbside. Please bag all shredded paper separately, and flatten all cardboard and paperboard boxes.

Door step pick up services available at no extra charge for senior citizens.

Go to Recycling Tips for types of materials accepted.

Billed in advance, quarterly. We accept VISA and MasterCard. Auto pay options available.

                                         Winter Morning in Alaska

                             Recycling in Alaska! Pass it On & $ave!

Only 31% of Americans recycle. Sadly, in Alaska it is estimated that only about 15% to16% of us recycle. Get friends, family, and neighbors started recycling and they will have a good habit for life!  When you send a new customer our way, we will show you our appreciation by giving you one month free service.

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Ready Recycles Has Convenient Payment Options

We accept VISA and MasterCard payments, and we also provide auto pay options. Just give us a call at 745-4224 to get set up. Please do not submit your credit card information to us by e-mail or through our website for security reasons.